Put the Soul in the Code


Teaching and inspiring young people of color to develop the future

CodeScty is a digital learning tool that teaches in the way students learn and transforms them from passive users of tech to problem solvers and developers. It uses original Hip Hop music and engaging activities to teach computer science concepts. Our platform adopts standards-aligned CS frameworks to help 6-12 grade students problem-solve and design prototypes for challenges in their community, before learning to code.


Armando Somoza


Chenits Pettigrew

Chief Creative Officer

Mark Scott

Chief Technology Officer

Eboni Hogan

Curriculum Specialist
Founding Team

James Miles

Director of Education
Founding Team

Asante Amin

Lead Producer
Founding Team

Nick James

Art Director & UX
Founding Team

John Robinson

MC & Writer Founding Team

Jamel Mims

PD Specialist
Founding Team

Incubator Programs, Research Partners & Presentations




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